Program / work plan principals (RKKS) is working guidelines made by the principal in developing the school selian be the principal basis for evaluating the implementation of the development of school for a semester or a school year. Importance headmaster makes program / work plan principals (RKKS) is that principals can know the steps or stages of a strategy that must be done so that objectives, obligations, and objectives of school development can be achieved.

Program / work plan principals (RKKS) must be prepared by a high school principal at the beginning of the semester or the beginning of a new school year and applies to all principals on level D, junior high and high school. Making the program / work plan principals (RKKS) must pay attention to every component in the schools in accordance with the minimum service standards (SPM) education which will improve the quality of schools. Many duties and obligations assumed by a school principal make the most of principals sometimes ignore some tasks that are considered less priority.

This time we share program / work plan principals (RKKS) elementary, middle and high school may be the father and mother principals need or program / work plan that is shared can be used as a benchmark reference in the manufacture of program / work plan principals (RKKS) matching with the wishes of the father and the headmistress. May be useful