Every existing positions in the organization has the responsibilities of each in accordance with the position set out in a decree (SK). One of the positions contained in the organization of the school is the deputy head of the school is divided in 4 (four) parts, namely the vice principal field of public relations (PR), student, curriculum and infrastructure.

This time we will discuss the obligations and responsibilities of a deputy principal fields of infrastructure and facilities. The deputy headmaster in charge of the field of infrastructure and in charge of all the problems related facilities and infrastructure facilities of the school as students and teachers who support the implementation of the learning process in schools. A teacher is given the responsibility to deputy chief of school infrastructure and facilities should prepare a work plan for a semester or a school year that is contained in a work program vice principal fields of infrastructure and facilities. Just as learning tools teachers work programs were usually handed over to the principal at the beginning of the semester or the beginning of the school year.

This time we shared work program vice principal fields of basic school facilities and infrastructure that may be the father and mother need. Hopefully this article and vice-principals work equipment and infrastructure that we can share useful or may be used as reference