Helo Friend Yuviter, Speaking of sights, it is a very interesting thing to discuss. Therefore, in this post admin will explain the sights in Indonesia particularly pretty much visited by tourists outside the country. But before following detailed description of the sights

Heritage is everything that exists in the tourist destination that is an attraction that people would come to visit the place. According to SK. MENPARPOSTEL No .: KM. 98 / PW.102 / MPPT-87, Heritage is all over the place or state of nature that has built tourist resources and developed so as to have appeal and cultivated as a place visited by travelers . [1] . Objects can travel in the form of natural attractions such as mountains , lakes , rivers , beaches , ocean , or in the form of building objects such as museums , forts , heritage sites, and others.

A place / area that can be said as a tourist attraction must meet the following main points.

  1. The existence of something to see. That is something interesting to see.
  2. The existence of something to buy. That is something that is interesting and typical for purchase.
  3. The existence of something to do. That is an activity that can be done on the spot.

Generally, in some regions or countries , to enter into an Attractions tourists are required to pay an entrance fee or ticket sign which is the fees for developing the company and the improvement of quality attractions. Some of the attractions are managed by the Government and those that are managed by private parties. Attractions are managed by private parties can be either natural or artificial Attractions

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Indonesia is one country with a number of attractions that are very abundant. The attraction can be encountered from Sabang to Merauke. Some of the famous tourist attraction in Indonesia, among others, Kuta Beach , Coastal Palabuhanratu , Pangandaran , Borobudur , Prambanan , Monas , Taman Mini Indonesia Indah , Puncak, Bogor , Kasepuhan Palace , Mekarsari Park , Lake Toba , Lake Batur , Wakatobi National Park , Maimun palace , Jakarta History Museum , Komodo National Park , National Park Bantimurung Bulusaraung , Raja Ampat , Niagara Moramo , and much more.

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