Tax Payment (SSP) is a proof of payment or tax payment made by the taxpayer using a form or has been done in other ways to the state treasury through payment place designated by the Minister of Finance. Each school is also required to pay tax in accordance with the provisions of the state for school finance dikeloah the state money in the form of school operational funds (BOS). Each implementation of activities or the purchase of goods by the school shall be taxed in accordance with applicable regulations. School financial management carried out by a school treasurer including making and the preparation of tax returns every month. One component of the preparation of tax reports is the letter of tax payments (SSP), which is usually taken at a regional bank in the form of sheets which must be handwritten manual. There are other alternatives besides pieces of mail tax payments (SSP) that charging tax collection letter (SSP) by using the excel-based applications easier and neater spelling course.

Download application letter tax payments (SSP) BOS tax automatically excel format This time we shared mail application of tax payments (SSP) BOS tax automatically excel format which is ready to be downloaded for free that might be the father and mother need to report the completion of school taxes which the father and mother to manage. We hope the articles and applications we can share helpful